Take a Stand Against Federal Charges

You'll need a federal criminal defense attorney in Columbia, SC

There's nothing more frightening than being taken into custody and charged with a crime by federal agents. Often, the first time you realize that the government is investigating you is when you're arrested. You need reliable support during this stressful time. The Law Office of Jonathan Lewis, LLC can provide it. Our federal criminal defense attorney can represent you in Columbia, SC.

Our staff started in the federal defender's office, meaning we know first-hand just how uncertain and terrifying these situations are. We're dedicated to helping you navigate the federal court process and defend yourself from against federal charges.

Discuss your case with our federal criminal defense attorney now. You'll get a free consultation in-person or over the phone.

You can have the final word through appeals

Are you appealing a guilty verdict at a federal trial? Our staff has the knowledge and experience to represent you before the Circuit Court of Appeals. We'll ensure that every protection and right afforded to you by the Constitution is safeguarded.

You can come to our criminal defense appeals attorney if you were wrongly convicted of a:

  • Theft-related crime
  • Drug- or alcohol-related crime
  • Violent crime
Your case is in good hands when you work with us on criminal defense appeals in Columbia, SC. Visit the office of a skilled attorney from our firm today.